One Bedroom vs. Studio Apartments: Which is a Better Choice for You?

With so many housing options available, it is quite normal for new buyers to get confused and compare them to get to their decision. One of the most common comparisons we have come across as a team of realtors is the comparison between one-bedroom and studio apartments. 

Since they are both cost-effective and not very spacious, people often mix one with the other. 

Some even think that both of them are the same thing. However, it is far from the truth. Despite having some similarities, these housing options have quite a few differences as well. We have created this blog to help you understand the difference between the two types so you can decide whether you want to invest in one-bedroom apartments in Columbia, SC, or a studio apartment.

Separate Bedroom

The biggest difference between a studio apartment and one bedroom is that one-bedroom apartments have a bedroom that is separate from the living room and kitchen. On the other hand, studio apartments contain everything in one room with just a separate bathroom. This is the main difference that makes both of these housing options stand miles apart.


One-bedroom apartments have a separate bedroom, kitchen, and living room that automatically gives them a bigger space. It is easier for a family to live in a one-bedroom apartment than in a studio. Studio apartments are usually an ideal choice for a single person or, at most, two people. They are small, and everything is confined in a small space; hence, it is difficult to get enough room there.


There’s a significant difference in their prices as well. Since one-bedroom apartments are usually bigger, they are also more expensive than studio apartments. Rent is higher, and you also have to pay more utility bills because of the bigger space. Studio apartments are considered more affordable, and people who don’t need a bigger space can quickly go for studio apartments.


Everyone needs to have their personal space, which is not quite possible if you are living with someone in a studio apartment. Even if it’s your spouse, you might need some time alone, but there won’t be enough space. One-bedroom apartments usually allow you to have more space as you two can stay in two separate rooms for a while.


If you are someone who likes to invite people over, studio apartments won’t be the right choice for you. They don’t have ample space, and it is difficult to have fun with friends when you lack space. One-bedroom apartments are also not that huge, but they still allow you to have more space than studio apartments, so you can invite a few friends over any time you want and have fun.

Looking for Assistance?

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