Is Gilbert, SC, a Pet-Friendly Place to Live?

Your furr-end is always by your side in your good and bad times. It is only fair that you find a home where you are allowed to give them all the facilities. Some societies are not pet-friendly, and you can’t do anything about them. What you have to do is find a place where you can keep your fur-ball happy. Homes for sale in Gilbert, SC, are a popular choice among pet owners because this place is pet-friendly in every way possible.

Pets usually require a lot of space to exude their energy and be happy. You might think that having a big house can be enough to keep your furr-end content, but that’s not the case. You need to live in a town that allows you to have pets. Some homeowners also don’t appreciate pets on their property, and it can also be difficult to eat at the restaurant of your choice if you have a pet.

Columbia SC realtors can assist you in finding the right home for your pet, and in this blog, we will tell you why Gilbert, SC is considered a pet-friendly place to live.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you are a traveler, Gilbert, SC, has a number of hotels that allow pets so you can have a wonderful time. Here’s a list of some of the hotels for you.

Hyatt Place Phoenix Gilbert

This hotel is specifically a good option for dog owners. Hyatt Place Phoenix Gilbert allows a maximum of two dogs up to 50 lbs for each room. Their rooms are designed to be dog-friendly, and there are also pet relief areas with water bags available in the hotel. You can also leave your pup unattended if it is well-behaved—the charges of having a pet in the room increase by $75 per night. Treats are also available on the check-in. Sadly, cats are not permitted in this hotel, but don’t worry; we have other options for cat owners.

Cozy Gilbert Retreat

It is a three-bedroom house with two bathrooms, allowing 9 people to sleep in while on vacation. It allows pets of any size to stay. It has all the facilities that make this hotel a perfect place to stay with your pet. It’s air-conditioned and requires you to stay for at least 5 days at the property. Cats are also allowed at this property on special request, so if you have a cat you want to take along, mention it while making your booking.

Gilbert Getaway

This four-bedroom rental allows you to bring 2 pets up to 50lbs to stay at the property with an extra charge of $20 per pet and per night. 8 people can comfortably sleep in this house, and it also has a fenced yard to allow your dogs a healthy playtime. You have to stay at least 2 nights at this rental, and unfortunately, cats are not allowed here as well.

Places to Eat with Your Pet

Everyone likes to have good food, and it becomes even better if you can enjoy it with your fur-ball right by your side. Not many places allow pets inside the restaurants for various reasons, but we have made this list to help you find some good food in Gilbert to enjoy with your furr-end.

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

This place is known as Gilbert’s first craft brewery. It goes without saying that they have delicious food. The place is pet-friendly as they welcome leashed dogs at outdoor tables, and everyone pampers your pet. They serve them ice water and make sure your pet feels comfortable. Everyone there is a pet lover, so you don’t have to feel awkward; we can assure you that your little fur baby will have a good time.

The Coffee Shop at Agritopia

Looking for a quick coffee in the evening or after your morning walk?

This coffee shop is perfect for you and your pet. They have an outdoor seating area where you can take a leash dog. They have good space and shaded areas to keep your pet away from sunshine. A pet restroom is also built within 500 feet of the coffee shop, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Postino – Eat

It is an Italian cafe located in Gilbert, and it allows you to have a good meal time with your pet. They also have an outdoor seating area for pet owners where you can have a peaceful time with your pet. Their staff is extremely friendly with pets, and they also bring water for yours. This place is perfect for your fur baby to be pampered while you enjoy your meal.

Other Things to Do with Your Pet

Besides having vacation homes and restaurants, Gilbert also has other things you can do with your pets. Here are some of them.

Go to a Park

When your little friend is sick of staying at home all the time, what you need to do is bring your dog for outdoor playtime. One of the best places to visit for this is Cosmo Dog Park. It has 3 areas in total, including a section for small dogs, a section with agility equipment, and a pond so dogs can enjoy playing in the water. Several dog owners bring their puppies to this place, as there’s a lot your fur-ball can do here.

Go on a Trail

Another exciting activity for your pooch is going on a trail. Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a pet-friendly trail, and it allows you to bring pets with the condition that you will keep them on a leash of a maximum 6-ft length. This is for their protection because you can witness wildlife in their natural habitat on this trail. The leash ensures that your pet doesn’t go too close to the wildlife.


If you are looking for homes for sale in Gilbert SC, but wondering whether it is a good place for pets, we hope that this blog answers your question. It is a wonderful place to stay with your little fur baby, and you won’t regret building your home there.