3 Fun Things to do in Lake Murray, SC

Having fun is an important part of life, and you would want to live in a place that gives you unworldly experiences with its fun elements. Southern lakes are known to offer something to do every day for a whole year. Similarly, Lake Murray, SC, is famous for many things that make this place the first choice for many visitors. Houses for sale Lake Murray SC, are always in demand because buyers are interested in living in such fun places.

Lake Murray, SC, continues to operate in all seasons, and you can do a lot more than you think there. Beyond boating, there is fishing, paddling, sailing, cycling, bird watching, and hiking to enjoy. It is a perfect place for people who enjoy surrounding themselves with nature. There are also many good restaurants where you can enjoy different cuisines and have the best time of your life. As the best realtors in Columbia SC, we have compiled the most fun things to do at Lake Murray to give you the best experience in the country.

Boating and Other Activities

The calm water in Lake Murray enables you to enjoy numerous water activities without much risk. The water is just right for a smooth cruise with your friends, with coolers and snacks to eat on your way. Hundreds of people visit this place just to ride a pontoon boat with their squad. You can also be the captain of your own boat if you know how to ride it. The process of renting a boat is quite straightforward. Different rentals are available at the lake, so we have a wide choice. 

For people who don’t want to step foot in the water, there are restaurants where you can sit and enjoy the marina. Anything can be the reason for you not wanting to ride the boat, or you might have already done that; now, you wish to appreciate the marina from the dry land. Choose the place of your liking and sit at the restaurant to have a good and peaceful time. They have music, open decks and transform the scene into day-long celebrations.

For a quieter experience, choose to spend time at Dreher Island State Park. From there, you can rent kayaks and water toys. Swimming from a sandy beach and then camping at night delivers an unfathomable experience for this stay at Lake Murray. Other activities that make Lake Murray a place worthy of all praises are hiking trails, the natural beauty, and fishing. There are also camp stores from where you can rent or purchase a fishing license.

Fishing on Lake Murray

Fishing might not seem like a fun activity to many people, but for avid fans, it’s everything. Lake Murray is known to be a fisherman’s paradise; due to the region’s temperature, the fish are always there. This makes it hard for people to stay off the water. You simply need to identify where the fish hang out, and once you do, you get an incredible fishing experience. Numerous types of fishes await your arrival at the lake, and you can witness extremely beautiful fishes living their best lives. If you are a fan of fishing, Lake Murray, SC, has a lot to offer for you.

Bird Sighting

The dramatic bird sighting at Lake Murray is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. It is the home to Purple Martins, as you can see a lot of them flying around, searching the air for insects. This sight is seen at sunset when the sky comes alive with the birds. They search for their feast before the sun goes down. This show continues to be breathtaking until it goes dark, and the Purple Martins go back to their nests for the night. This place serves as the resting place for these birds as they are about to make their way to South America for the winter. This experience is indeed a sight to behold, and you can also experience it if you purchase houses for sale in Lake Murray SC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far is Lake Murray from Columbia?

Located west of Downtown Columbia, Lake Murray is an adventurous place to visit with your family and friends. The center point of lake access is the Dreher Shoals Dam. It has open parking on the Irmo and Lexington side, and the drive is a little less than 14 miles. This means that the drive is about 20-25 minutes long, and you won’t get bored on the way because it’s full of adventures. If you look hard enough, you can even see the classic Columbia skyline on the way.

Q: Can I find alligators in Lake Murray?

In the last ten years, there have been two instances when alligators were found in the lake. Because Lake Murray has water that comes from the Saluda River, there are chances of alligator sightings. However, in 2021, the State Parks Department stated that there are no gators in the lake, so it might be impossible to find one there. Lake Murray is considered a safe spot for swimming and boating, so if there are alligators, we can assume that there aren’t many.

Q: What is Lake Murray known for?

Lake Murray has the title of one of the biggest man-made reservoirs in the country. Locals and visitors go there to have a great time with water activities. Many small islands can also be found within the premise of the lake, including Bomb Island, which is the largest roosting sight of beautiful Blue Martins. They are clearly visible before sunset. Hence, with over 600 miles of Shoreline in South Carolina, Lake Murray is known for many incredible experiences.

Lake Murray offers you a fun-filled experience with many things. You can choose the activities based on your interests and have the best time with your squad. Once you see the beauty of it, there’s no way you will ever get over it. It makes you want to live there, and the best realtors in Columbia, SC, can help you with that.