6 Cool and Unusual Attractions in South Carolina

When you search for a vacation destination and focus on various things, first, you want to stay in a comfortable place, and for that, you can hire a realtor Columbia, SC. Once your comfort is ensured, you look for places to eat and visit as part of your vacation. 

South Carolina has a long history of unusual attractions that make this place the best vacation destination for most people. As someone who’s an avid fan of traveling, we can tell you the greatest things in South Carolina that can make your trip worth the money you spend on it. Homes for sale in Columbia SC, are always popular as countless people choose South Carolina as their travel destination every year. In this blog, we will discuss the unusual and cool things you can experience in this part of the world, but before that, let’s talk about something popular and the biggest reason for SC’s popularity.

Lake Murray

We bet you have heard of Lake Murray if you have gathered some knowledge about South Carolina. It is one of the most popular lakes in the world, allowing you many water activities that make this place worthwhile. People from around the world visit Lake Murray to spend a few days in peace and have fun. Activities at Lake Murray include fishing, boating, cruises, bird watching, etc. You can witness Blue Martins migrating to North America just before sunset, and it is a view that everyone holds close to their hearts. The beauty of Lake Murray is truly magical, and we have seen people coming back once they get a taste of it.

Some people even choose this destination as their retirement plan because they want to experience this beauty for the rest of their lives. The reason for choosing Lake Murray as your retirement home is to be discussed for another day. Now that we know about the most known beauty of South Carolina let’s discuss some hidden gems.

Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden 

This three-acre garden has 150 topiaries for visitors to come and marvel at the beauty of this place. The history of this garden says that in the 1980s, it was a common belief that black residents in Bishopville couldn’t keep up their yards. To discredit that, Pearl Fryer taught himself about gardening. He bought a hedge trimmer and worked on weekends to create what today is known as Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden. This place welcomes around 10,000 visitors every year and is one of the hidden beauties in South Carolina.

Haunted Charleston 

Do you like ghost stories?

Well, if you do, this is the right place for you.

While countless visitors come to this city to enjoy its beauty and luxury, very few of them know that it has a haunted history to behold. There are restaurants, beaches, historic architecture, and many more things to marvel but the spooky past of this city is also an interesting aspect of it. Many tour operators escort ghost-hunting travelers around Charleston, letting them know about the haunting stories of shipwrecks, murders, pirates, and paranormal activities. If this is something that intrigues your interest, you should definitely give it a try.

God’s Acre Healing Springs

Another historical place to visit in South Carolina is God’s Acre Healing Springs. It is a fountain that has water coming out of an unassuming pipe in the ground. This place got its name during the Revolutionary War when four wounded soldiers found healing and comfort this spring. The story goes that the soldiers came to these springs and were healed by the mineral waters; hence, it is considered to be the place for people who search for healing. The place is open 24 hours a day, so you can visit any time you want.

Poinsett Bridge

Known to be the oldest bridge in South Carolina, Poinsett Bridge is located in Greenville between Greenville and Spartanburg. Historians claim that this bridge was built in 1820 by Robert Mills, an architect of the Washington Monument. It is now a stone bridge with a gothic arch, but once was a road between Columbia and Saluda Mountain. This place is considered a beautiful stop at any time of the year, but to specifically mention a time, we would suggest you visit this bridge in autumn because the vibrant colors make the view truly breathtaking.

Rocky Shoals spider lilies

Another interesting and beautiful place to visit in South Carolina is Rocky Shoals spider lilies. Between May and June, an area of the Catawba River in Landsford Canal State Park blooms with 20 acres of beautiful white spider lilies. It is a rare flower only found in South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. You can reach this place after a 1.5-mile hike, or you can also rent a kayak or a canoe to paddle towards the maze of flowers. The beauty of these flowers is blinding and worth all the trouble.

The Gullah Heritage Trail

The Gullah are the descendants of West African slaves and have a comprehensive history of living in South Carolina’s remote islands. The Hilton Head Island is part of the Gullah Geechee corridor that runs between Charleston to Savannah and Georgia. The Gullahs are well-known for preserving their cultural and linguistic heritage in the United States. No other African-American community has done it better than the Gullah community. The Gullah Heritage Trail lets you experience it first-hand as a guide accompanies you on this trip. You can learn a lot about the language, food, clothes, and folk stories of the area.


You might have thought that there’s nothing extraordinary about South Carolina, but we hope that with this blog, we have changed your mind a little about this place. It is truly one of the most historically beautiful places in the world, and you can enjoy every day of your stay at this place. Find a realtor Columbia SC, and ask them to get you a place here so you can also enjoy and experience all of these marvels of history.