Best Places to Live on Lake Murray- Choose Wisely!

Are you thinking of relocating to South Carolina?

We have this covered for you.

The place you choose to spend your life speaks a lot about your personality and the type of life you want to pursue. A realtor Columbia SC, can assist you in finding the right home for you at whichever place you like. However, if you are here, you might already be interested in Lake Murray, and this doesn’t surprise us at all.

About Lake Murray

Lake Murray is the largest and most popular lake in South Carolina. Its popularity is known to the entire world as it offers various activities, and people from around the world come to witness Blue Martins at this place. The best decision for anyone would be to live near this exceptional place so they can enjoy a good time with their family any time they want. The city currently has a population of over 5000 people and is only a few minutes away from Columbia. 

Lake Murray, located in Lexington County near Columbia, SC, was formed by Duke Energy for hydroelectric power generation commencing in 1930. By damming four rivers, they transformed the former Lexington Reservoir into the expansive Lake Murray, now at its maximum capacity. With a shoreline stretching around 300 miles, the lake spans 11,000 acres of water and is the biggest lake among approximately 2,600 named islands within its boundaries. 

It is a great place for adventures as it enables you to enjoy several water activities like fishing, jet skiing, cruising, and many more. There are also houseboats for visitors if they want to stay there. This place is a perfect place to build a life for people who are looking for natural places with good schools and a lower crime rate. So, if you are one of them, read this blog to find out about the best places to live on Lake Murray.

Lexington, South Carolina

With a population that exceeds 18,000 people, Lexington is a city that’s perfect to live on Lake Murray. It has almost 46 parks and many other activities so you don’t get bored in the town. Plenty of museums and historical monuments are also located in Lexington, with a low crime rate and great education for children. This can be the perfect home for families with children of school age.

Chapin, South Carolina

Chapin is the third largest city in Lexington County and also a great place to live on Lake Murray. You can access live concerts, festivals, and many other fun activities here. This city also has 12 parks, which makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys a good time outside. You can choose this city to relocate to if that’s the type of lifestyle you are hoping to get.

Acapulco, South Carolina

This city has over 12,000 people living there, with most of the residents being young. The South Carolina State University is located in this city, which makes it the best place for people who have children who go to universities or someone who are pursuing their work and education. It is also considered to be one of the safest places to live on Lake Murray.

Paradise Cove Lake Murray

Located in Lexington County, Paradise Cove is also a great place to live if you want to stay close to nature. It has over 320 acres of land and covers two lakes under it. This place also has a golf course, which makes it a little more fun. By choosing to live at Paradise Cove, you will be living close to nature but not too far from civilization.

Palmetto Shores by Mungo Homes

Another place located in Lexington County that makes a great family home is Palmetto Shores. It has over 16,000 residents and has several parks for people who enjoy outdoor activities. This town also has several schools for children, including various public schools and one private school.

Lake Secession, South Carolina

Living in Lake Secession on Lake Murray can also be the right choice. It’s located in Lexington County and spans over 400 acres of beautiful land. There’s also a convenient boat ramp, making year-round boating an incredible experience. If you move here, you’ll definitely love the low crime rates and the incredible atmosphere of this place.

Eastwood Homes at Linkside

This place has over 400 acres of land, including two lakes that contribute to the beauty of the town. Located in Lexington, SC, the subdivision offers a one-year golf membership, and you can enjoy all these activities while living here. Plus, it also has an extremely low crime rate, which makes this place even more worth it!

Cost of Living 

If you wish to make a home in South Carolina at a low cost, Lake Murray is the perfect place for you. The rate of property at Lake Murray is relatively lower than in the other parts of South Carolina. This makes the place affordable for most people as they can have all the facilities and a comfortable life near nature.

Reasons to Live On Lake Murray

Following are some of the reasons why you should consider Lake Murray to be your new home.

  • The scenic environment gives you a calm feeling.
  • Endless water-based activities for all age groups, from grandparents to children.
  • Breathtaking visuals and the sunsets are to die for!
  • Extremely low crime rate, which makes the place safer for people.
  • Strong sense of community bonding as the neighborhood is friendly.
  • Encourages active lifestyle.
  • You can enjoy countless activities like biking, hiking, and trails, etc.
  • Perfect to host parties and gatherings of families and friends.
  • Enjoyment throughout the year, each season brings uniqueness to its beauty.

It is important to choose the right place when you are thinking of building a home. Your realtor Columbia, SC, can help you find houses for sale Lake Murray SC, and you can experience a new side of nature at this place. We bet that once you live on Lake Murray, there will be no better place for you in the world.