Irmo, SC: The Best Place for Staycation in America

Planning for a getaway with your family but looking for places for an exceptional experience? Your search ends here because we have just the right place for you.

Did you know that Irmo, SC, is considered to be one of the best places for weekend getaways in America? This is one of the reasons why homes for sale in Irmo SC, are always popular. 

Weekend getaways are extremely important for your mental and physical health. How long are you planning to continuously work without taking time out for yourself and your family? We can bet you won’t be able to do it for a long time. Everyone deserves a break, and you need to go on this trip as soon as possible. The town of Irmo, SC, is the well-deserved break you need, and in this blog, we will tell you why.

Lake Murray, the sighting of Blue Martins, and the Okra Strut are a few reasons for the popularity of this town. It is located about 12 miles away from Columbia and connects with the borders of Lake Murray’s eastern shore. Since the lake is so close, you can enjoy numerous activities there, including boating and swimming. You can book a house near the lake for your stay and enjoy your time while having a view of the lake for 24 hours. This place makes your overnight stay worth it.

Summer Stay at Lake Murray

If you are wondering about the right time to visit this place, it depends on the type of activities you want to indulge in. If you are a fan of swimming and boating, it would be good to visit in summer. Another reason why many tourists choose this time is because of the Blue Martins. From June to August, the Blue Martins migrate to South America, and you can see them flying around before sunset. This makes for beautiful scenery and is a sight to behold. Once the sun sets, they settle in their nest and start moving again the next day.

This Blue Martin roost at Lake Murray is known to be the largest in North America or possibly the world. Many tourists come to this place for a stay just to witness it with their naked eyes. The peak time for this bird sighting is in the middle to late July. You need to have a boat and a guide to give you a Blue Martins tour. You can also hire this help, and it is quite an experience, especially if you are a nature lover. Once you see it yourself, you will know what we are talking about.

The Okra Strut

Another reason why you should choose Irmo, SC, as your destination is because of the Okra Strut. It is a two-day festival that starts on Friday and continues till Saturday. It takes place annually at Irmo Community Park on Church Street in the fall. This celebration features live bands on both days and a morning parade (the largest in South Carolina) on Saturday. You can also enjoy arts, crafts, food, rides, and many more things at these festivals, and it makes your stay worthwhile.

A Great Picnic Spot

On your weekend getaway, you would want to make the most of your time and money. A picnic is a great way to spend time with your family. Irmo, SC, has a town park on Carlisle Street, which is the perfect place for a picnic. You can enjoy a moment of peace there as it feels like a secret garden filled with flowers and dragonflies. It also has a beautiful waterlily pond with three huge koi, a few frogs, and turtles.

Other Activities

Irmo, SC, has something for everyone. We understand that in a family, everyone has a different taste in things, and no one should force anyone to accompany them in something they don’t like. If you are a fan of arts and theater, you should visit Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College. You can watch a variety of live shows and dramas there. 

If you are a fan of shopping, you should visit Simply Southern Gifts on Friarsgate Boulevard for a fun time. They have a wide variety of gift options for you and your loved ones. You can shop for anything you like and have a great time. There are also other markets that are good if you want to experience some local shopping.

We know what you are thinking!

We haven’t talked about the food yet, but we haven’t forgotten it. Irmo, SC, also has incredible food options for you. Starting with your morning coffee, Loveland Coffee offers you a convenient drive-through where you can order your cup of joy and be on your way. If you want to sit down and have your coffee in peace, you can go to the cafe on Charlie Street and perhaps get something to eat with it as well.

For food, if you want to taste Southern cooking, you can go to Lizard’s Thicket for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As a local chain, they serve the best Southern food in the town. There’s also a drive-through option if you would like it that way.

If you want to spend time at a classy restaurant, you can consider Bistro at Boulevard. They have live music and classy food to serve you a good time. But if we have to recommend my personal favorite, we would tell you to have fried pork chop served with butternut squash risotto with haricot vert and plum apple butter. Believe us when we say it is out of this world.


The best realtors in Columbia SC, can help you find the right place for your staycation in Irmo. We believe this is the best place in America to have an amazing time with your family and friends. There’s a lot you can do in a few days, and we can bet you won’t be bored, not even for a single day.