8 Tips to Live in a Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment might seem like the easiest thing to do because the lack of space makes cleaning and every single house chore easy, and studio apartments are also less expensive. However, it is not as easy as it may be. Less space surely means less work, but it also literally means LESS SPACE. 

There are many things you need to know about home for sale in Columbia, SC, and we have written this blog to give you some tips on how you can make the most of your studio apartment.

Make an Illusion of Separation

While having a bed in your living space is not as big of a deal, for some people, it is. They feel uncomfortable when they can see their kitchen while lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. One solution to this problem is to separate your living space and your sleeping area with curtains. You can draw the curtains when you are planning to sleep, and it will make you feel like you are in a separate bedroom.

Make Your Bed Daily

Studio apartments don’t have that many chores because of the lack of space, which is one of the plus points, but you shouldn’t slack off too much because they get messy quickly. You need to make your bed daily before you move ahead with your day. Do this first thing in the morning to make sure that your apartment looks clean even if you are not making much effort for it.

Stick to the Essentials

Studio apartments are small, and when you talk to a person who lives in a studio apartment, they will tell you that less is more. You should only keep things that are essential for living. A bed and kitchen equipment are the first things you should keep. You can also think about the essentials depending on your personal use. However, if you need gym equipment for a workout, it might be better to get a gym membership, as a studio apartment won’t have the space for it.

Pick the Right Furniture Layout

You cannot fit a king-sized bed in your studio apartment. You need to purchase the furniture layout that works best for you. Think about the things you need at your place and look for furniture that is the perfect size for a studio apartment. You should also pick the layout depending on the interior you have in mind.

Don’t Overdo it

Every apartment doesn’t need a separate dining area and work room. You can spend your day eating on a sofa, and that’s completely fine if your place doesn’t have the space for a dining table. If you put too much furniture and decorations in your studio apartment, it will look a little too much. Try to keep your ambitions in check while decorating your apartment, and stick to the essentials. 

Clean When You Can

Controlling clutter is important when you live in a studio apartment. Everyone likes to shove all the waste in a storage room, but you won’t have this facility in a studio. There’s no spare room for waste, and you need to declutter regularly. Because the apartment is small, it can get really messy very quickly. You need to clean the place as often as you can. The space is small, so it won’t be too much work but make sure that you make time for it.

Don’t Overstock Your Fridge

There’s no need to overstock your fridge when you live alone. It’s not like you are preparing for an apocalypse, so make sure that you only have things that you need in the near future. If you save up a lot of things, you will only end up making more clutter around the house that you will have to clean. The food might also go bad before you get to eat it. 

Buy Foldable Furniture

There are many options in the market for foldable furniture nowadays, and it looks amazing as well. It is convenient and takes less space, which makes it a perfect choice for studio apartments. If you want bigger space throughout the day, you can purchase a sofa that can also become a bed. So throughout the day, you can use it as a sofa and make it a bed at night and have a good night’s sleep. This will surely make a living in a studio apartment easier for you as you will have more space.


Everyone has different experiences of living in a home, and you can find out what works best for you once you start living in studio apartments. If you are looking for a home for sale in Columbia, SC,  Michelle Frazier can help you find the right studio apartment according to your needs. She’s an experienced realtor with years of experience in real estate.

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